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Friday · July 08 2005

Live 8 video links - huge list
The AOL video links to the Live 8 concerts around the world this last weekend. Tons of great stuff here.

Chris DeBurgh singing "Lady in Red" under the Brandenburg Gate
How could I not click it? No. How could I?

1 million Philadelphians reliving the summer of 1987 with Joe Elliot and Def Leppard

Jon Bon Livin on a Prayer

And it's not a socially conscious, worldwide concert series unless you have Neil Young and Michael Stipe with blue bandit makeup.

I could stay up all night and watch these…

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July 08 2005

You just made my day. Bon Jovi is my all-time favorite band, and Jon is my all-time favorite crush. Bee hee.

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