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Monday · July 04 2005

"You're putting me in danger for your own convenience. But that's what SUVs are all about, isn't it?"
Nothing worse than formulating the best comeback once you're already home.

Archived: Lint » July 2005
What you had to say:
July 15 2005

I'm not super-impressed by that. It's not like the people were just parking their out of pure douche-baggery, they were moving something heavy. Moving is something we all have to do, and it's always a big pain in the ass. And the fact that it was an SUV is neither here nor there. A solar-and-manure powered car made of mud could have blocked the bike lane just as much.

That story made me think of this:

July 16 2005

Fair enough, Reed. If someone is an ass, they're an ass. Their mode of transportation (or political leaning) doesn't change that.

One question though. Would you really want to move something heavy in a manure and solar powered car made out of mud?

July 20 2005

No, I guess that wouldn't be such a good idea. It does paint an amusing mental image, however.

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