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Wednesday · June 29 2005

INSANELY large 45s collection on eBay
The seller's catch is that he will not ship. You must find a way to get these all home. If you have several grand in your wallet, a really strong back, and countless hours to flip through and play this collection, you best step up and bid.

What you had to say:
June 30 2005

Wow. That's one of the best auctions i have ever seen. My firm does all the Ebay buildings and they theme areas by buying stuff off Ebay and decorate with their items. I told them to buy this one and pile the whole thing in the Ebay lobby.

July 01 2005

By the way, how much do you want to bet that DJ Shadow or someone similar is the one who ends up with this pile.

July 01 2005

Let's bet $5200.

July 05 2005

That auction ended up at $9200! Wow!

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