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Thursday · June 23 2005

Popeye Charlie gets a kiss from dad

Archived: Offspring » June 2005
What you had to say:
June 23 2005

Where's his spinach???? AHHHH he's adorable- Charlos- only 20 days until auntie krissy comes and visits you and loads you with kisses and love!!~!!!!!!

June 23 2005

what a nubbins! Is the medicine doing the trick still?

June 23 2005

The medicine is doing okay. It's an improvement over no medicine, but he still spits more than I would have expected. We're also mixing rice cereal into pumped milk and generally feeding him less milk at more frequent intervals. It's better than mass spit-up, but he needs to eat pretty often, like every 2.5 hours.

The best thing in the world is still the Bjorn. Nothing else comes close to its all-quieting powers.

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