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Thursday · June 16 2005

We're busy around here. Work and babies; finishing books; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; running, yes, running. To boot, the internet has been boring lately, except for Triumph vs. The Michael Jackson Supporters. Matt showed me that one a couple days ago, slightly ahead of the curve.

Sleater-Kinney tonight at the Riv. I'm happy to be going off of Tori's extra ticket.

Cuitlachoche. Nasty.

It's sad that we've had a digital camera for 3 years and yesterday was the first time we made physical prints at home. I can't believe these prints came out of our printer.

What you had to say:
June 17 2005

I'm glad you came along to see S-K. What a fun Thursday night. Much better than ER reruns. I can't get "Entertain" out of my head now, but of course it's probably been there since The Woods came out a few weeks ago.

June 17 2005

oh and then i got stuck watching Triumph vs. The Michael Jackson Supporters before leaving for work this morning. SO funny.

June 17 2005

holy mol`e man! j- that's that crap that came in the dish i ordered when you, me & stac went to adobo grill after going to the chicago historical society a couple of years ago. eeeeuuuwwww-i ate one. i still remember that moment of horrifying realization that i couldn't get away with daintily spitting it in my cloth napkin. after downing all the water glasses at the table, resisting the urge to scrape my tongue with something/anything and trying to purge from my mind the sensation of that thing slowly sliding down my throat, i called the waiter over to ask what the in the christ i had just put in my mouth beside the quesadilla. the menu listed it as quesadillas with assorted mushrooms- it should have said quesadillas with assorted fungi or they should have just been honest and to the point with: 'these mold growths develop on corn so old they're beyond funky. they are multiple shades of blue, along with squid ink black and gray in color, with the interior resembling a combination of a oil spill (yes! three for the price of one- they're oily as well as slimy, and have seeds folks!), francis bacon painting, or really old roadkill that's been sitting in the heat. they are very thin skinned bulbous tumors that seem solid until you put it in your mouth at which point it then bursts open with a shocking jolt like a slightly cooked tomato with the texture of raw oysters & squid. a better description yet would be to think of the scene in 'alien' when the creatures with their gel goop tenticles and all, suddenly explode. enjoy!' i of course didn't eat another bite but the kid scientist in me had to disect a few. ah... i can remember it as if it was yesterday. still creeps me out something fierce, to the point that i now need to know every ingredient and all about it's backround before the waiter picks up his pen.

June 17 2005

so, then, you didn't like it?

June 23 2005

Check out this humorous take on Tom Cruise's appearance on Oprah (to be rerun today).
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It's almost as good as Triumph with the MJ or the Star Wars fans.

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