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Monday · June 13 2005

This post at dangerousmeta boggles. Not only does the guy he's talking about miss the two primary plot points, he can't wait to see what happens in Episode IV. This individual is either 8 years old or recently immigrated from a cardboard box.

Speaking of Star Wars, defective yeti wrote up a thorough fast-forwarding guide to The Phantom Menace. Reading through all those scene cuts reminds you just how shitty that movie is.

Is anyone working on a reality TV remake of Fantasy Island? Midgets, islands, mysterious European host. I don't remember what sort of fantasies people had on this show, but the setting has promise.

Newsweek compares indie record listening parties to Tupperware parties

After each song, we'd shut the music off and we'd talk about how everyone felt about the songs

Sounds like a great way to make your friends hate you. But then, that's not unlike pressuring them to buy Tupperware so you can get a free double-edged melon baller.

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June 13 2005

It was a 60-something male cashier at a stop-n-shop, just FYI.

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