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Friday · June 10 2005

Nick Hornby has a new book out: A Long Way Down. The blurbs pin it as a grown-up Breakfast Club. 4 people in different life situations on top of a building and they all want to jump and end it. Sounds gimmicky.

I'm reading A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami. This is the second book I've read by him — the first being Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World — and I think I'm on my way to read everything Murakami. He writes the oddest little worlds and situations and makes them seem both commonplace and fascinating, and always odd.

I picked up the Ditty Bops self-titled CD last night while the three of us took a long walk up Clark for quiet and coffee. It's sorta old-timey and alternately soft and peppy. Yeah, peppy is the best I can do. Great melodies for a friday morning. I like it.

I'm going with Chris and Dan to see Spoon tomorrow night at the Vic.

Happy 35th to Johnny Oneball!

What is that thing crawling across my Boppy?

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June 10 2005

I just finished reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis. My first baseball book, and maybe not the best choice to break into the genre (Lewis attacks the baseball establishment status quo) but a good read overall. Definitely piqued my interest in America's pasttime!

Are you going to the Ted Leo concert next week?

June 10 2005

A Wild Sheep Chase was my second read by Murakami - after Wind-up Bird Chronicles. I've read a couple more by him since and have a few more at home awaiting my hands to pick them up. He's definitely one of my favorites, moreso after visiting Japan last year. I would definitely recommend Undergound, about the sarin gas attacks ten years ago, even though it's done in a Studs Terkel-esque manner and features 90% interviews and 10% Murakami. Once you're into it, you realize that the simple voices are more effective in conveying the evil acts and consequences than the highly descriptive words the author may have brought to the book. It's also the best book I've read for understanding the Japanese mindset, much different than us Americanos.

June 12 2005

Moneyball is a great first baseball read. Glad you enjoyed it.

I don't have tix to see Ted Leo. I've seen him twice in the past year and I think that's good enough for now.

Spoon was outstanding tonight. So much more impressed than their Abbey Pub show last year. The sound at The Vic was top rate.

June 12 2005

I just woke up -- post-Spoon-concert -- and I still have their songs echoing in my head. That's a sign of a good show. I'd love to hear them cover a few Rolling Stones songs.

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