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Monday · May 23 2005

While grabbing the milk out of the fridge for coffee a minute ago, I spied the 4 pack of Swiss Miss choco-vanilla swirl puddings on the middle shelf. That jogged my memory of last night's dream wherein I tipped the 60 year old DJ at a bowling party $10 and a Swiss Miss pudding.

My stable of nicknames for Charlie is Peanut Head, Mr. C, Charlie Bear, Boo Boo (as in Yogi and Boo Boo). Stace is more consistent. She calls him Sweet Pea when she's going to feed him and Mr. C when he's not enjoying a diaper change. Which is to say, always.

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May 24 2005

I threw "Chucky H" out there awhile ago but Stacy didn't seem too interested.

May 24 2005

The tacit agreement is that I will not bring any "Chuck" derivatives to the floor for a fair, up or down vote.

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