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Thursday · May 19 2005

Who's cuter? White babies or black babies?
Stef sent me this one. The mini-dad baby is the best thing I've seen all week.

What you had to say:
May 19 2005

Finn here. I'm alive. I peed a little when I read the first comment on the White Babies v Black Babies page. It reads:

"Subject: uh, uh...
Author: none4me

the more i look at this, the more glad i am to know that i shall never get pregnant because i had a vasectomy"

Ah yes, completely missing the point, followed by gender role confusion. Nothing like it.

May 19 2005

Some of the people commenting on that article need to find a sense of humor. "Don't make fun of babies! Waaaaa!" I'm only 3 weeks into this and I can tell you that you'll go insane if you don't make fun of the whole situation once in awhile.

May 20 2005

It's amazing what you learn about the human race, society, what-have-you, by reading people's postings on various boards, blogs, and sites.

It's frightening, really, and I don't just mean the illiteracy. I personally prefer illiteracy to some of the opinions, perspectives, and baseless assertions. Ugh. Sense of humor, sure, that would help. What about a conscience? A clue perhaps? Maybe less anger and more adventure...

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