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Thursday · May 12 2005

Interview with Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas
I have to wait all summer to find out who was at the door? Logan or Duncan? Right, I forgot. Nobody watches this show except me and Stacy.

Related and meaningless: Logan also happens to be the name of the bad-for-her, rich and too-charming guy on Gilmore Girls.

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What you had to say:
May 13 2005

do you watch Gilmore Girls?

May 13 2005

yep. It's occasionally annoying, but the dialog is smarter than you might think. There's at least 5 characters I'd personally like to swing an axe into, but mocking them is part of the draw for me. The grandmother is the most painful character on TV this side of David Brent.

May 13 2005

that's awesome. gilmore girls has become slightly more a part of my repertoire lately. just slightly, but i can feel it drawing me in.

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