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Wednesday · May 04 2005

Stacy's mom took this picture just before she left this afternoon. Her extra helping hands while she stayed with us the past week were fantastic. Now it's just the three of us. That's not to say I don't have family lined up wanting their time with our little guy. And they'll get it — there's plenty of movies we'll need to get out and see. The offers of help and congratulations are so appreciated and special to us. It's wonderful when a child comes into the world and has ten times a surplus of love waiting for him.

How are we doing? For having next to zero baby-care experience between us, I think we're on top of it. Charlie loves to sleep, but his schedule is more like a third shift night watchman than a functioning 9 to 5er. We're working on convincing him to move his naptime back, but it's slow going. He loves his swing and all the other baby containers we have.

If you'd like to come meet him and haven't yet said hi, just give us a call.

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