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Sunday · May 01 2005

In The Cider House Rules, Dr. Larch teaches Homer Wells the value of “being of use.” Being of use — feeling useful — comes naturally as a dad. In fact, it feels like the purpose I've been looking for for a long time. I've been scared to death of the warnings about my life changing and things never being the same. I feared I would never have the patience for his needs. We're only 4 days into life A.C. (After Charlie), and it's obvious that everything is different. Me included.

Charlie makes me feel useful when I calm him. I am proud of myself when I change and dress him without help. I am surprised at how calm I feel taking care of him. I am thrilled when he latches onto mom or nods off for a couple hours. Everything is new and huge.

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What you had to say:
May 02 2005

Hi Stacy and Jason,
I've just been viewing the pictures of Charlie on the net. He is truly a beautiful baby!! I found out about his arrival last night by his proud Grandma. I can see you are very happy and probably pretty tired but proud parents. Please take care of yourself and little Charlie. I hope to see him in person sometime soon.

May 02 2005

Wow! He already looks so different than just a few days ago. I love this stage where they are so small that even the smallest clothes are way too big. And the peach fuzz on his head is adorable.

May 02 2005

Care to make any wagers on how long it takes before Charlie's hands make it out of his sleaves? :p

May 02 2005

Hehe, they actually fit ok, but he likes to squirm his arms back to his sides. Sleeves aren't his style. I'm thinking he'd prefer more of a tank top.

May 02 2005

is that him giving a wink or is he just scrunched up?

May 04 2005

sooooo cute. and soooo tiny (even if his sleeves do fit.)
how are the nights going?

May 18 2005

Jason, Hi there, I am your Godmother and live in Arizon. Your Mom and I went to school together, many many years ago. She sent me a note that she is finally a Grandma and proud of it. Your little son is a cutie and reminds me of when you were born. Let Mom know I saw your son's picture on your website. He is a precious gift from God enjoy him. I am the proud Grandmother of 4 and my heart just swells with love for each and everyone of them. Love, Aunt Evie

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