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Wednesday · April 06 2005

Yeah. So, The Office last night? Sucked. The pace is slow and unfunny. (The “I still have a vagina” line was pretty good, though.) Steve Carrell isn't hitting the right note and the guy who plays Dwight/Gareth is cruel more than sycophantic. I'll give it one more try.

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April 06 2005

I actually sort of enjoyed it. I have a very weird response to this show now. On the one hand, I recognize that it's not all that great, but on the other hand I do find myself laughing at it fairly often.

I guess it will be one of those shows that I don't go out of my way to watch, but will watch if I've got nothing better to do.

April 06 2005

Reed just likes to disagree with me. And I can appreciate that. :)

April 06 2005

But in this instance, I don't really disagree.

April 06 2005

i feel like they have the pam character put the boss in his place too much, she comes off more like david brent's boss in the original than a receptionist.

April 07 2005

I think you (and I) are too burdened by having seen every episode of the BBC version. I've talked to a couple of people recently who never saw the BBC version, and really like this. They made specific mention that Steve Carrell is the funniest guy on earth. I still think the show will be cancelled, not because it isn't as good as the BBC version (and it isn't as good), but because it is too subtle for America. No laugh track means people don't know when to laugh.

You had to like the Dwight line: "Why would you want to raise your Cholesterol?" -Pam "So I can lower it." -Dwight

April 08 2005

I would rank the episodes as #2, #1, #3 thus far. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other 2. However, I re-watched #2 (diversity training) with michelle and we both laughed out loud several times.

Like the original, I find watching it the 2nd time around more enjoyable for certain things.

I still don't agree with the need for the laugh track for americans. people don't walk around with loudspeakers that blast a laugh track on cue. sure, tv is different, but people laugh when things are funny, even if no one else is laughing. even if they are american people.

-Daffy Duck

April 08 2005

I just think audiences (and America is my only frame of reference) usually need strong indicators of when to laugh. There are other sitcoms out there that do without a laugh track like Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle & Arrested Development; these are filled with over-the-top, goofy situations that for the most part tell you when to laugh. The only one of those that sometimes has very subtle humor is Arrested Development - I don't think it was a coincidence that it was going to be cancelled before it won the Emmy.

I think you can extend this to movies too. There is a reason why "Sideways" wins awards, and "The Pacifier" puts butts in the seats - and i think it has to do with subtle, dark comedy being a hard sell.

April 08 2005

I can agree with some of what you're saying, Dan, but Sideways isn't the best example. The funniest parts of that movie are anything but subtle. Naked guy running down the street?

I think if The Office tanks it's because the characters aren't as well written. Steve Carrell is funny, but his Michael Scott is nothing near David Brent in terms of making me squirm and laugh at the same time.

And I don't need a laugh track to know what's funny in Everybody Loves Raymond (a classic-style sitcom).

April 08 2005

The laugh track has a lot to do with how the show is filmed. Unless you want to do a fake laugh track (which old sitcoms used to do) which sounds really fake and annoying, you have to use a live audience. It would be very hard to film something like Scrubs or The Office with a live audience.

April 08 2005

The jokes in Everbody Loves Raymond aren't uncomfortable silence like the Office. The jokes are obvious; there are punchlines.

I disagree with you about Sideways, too. There were a couple of big laugh scenes like the naked guy and Paul G. pouring the swill all over his face, but most of the humor in that movie is darkly comic - like when they visit his Mom on their way to wine country. The first hour of Sideways has no scene at all like the naked guy, and it was still meant to be funny.

April 08 2005

I think I could post nothing but items related to The Office and we'd all never run out of stuff to argue about and discuss.

I think we can all agree the BBC version is better, assuming you've seen it.

April 12 2005

not too crazy about the 1st & 3rd episodes, but i liked the 2nd and i found tonight's (4th) to be the best so far- the box/alliance stuff had me laughing out loud.

April 13 2005

Last night's was solid, although I missed a few minutes of it to watch the Nationals comeback against the Braves in the 9th. I'm starting to enjoy the Pam-Jim dynamic. If nothing else, they're likeable characters. The final shot with Dwight talking about his "victory" with his ridiculous hair was a nice touch.

April 13 2005

I agree with you guys on episode 4. I think I finally "got it" last night. I love the Pam/Jim relationship. Dwight in a box was priceless. I've adjusted to the fact that Gervais/David Brent made the BBC show and this is more of a rounded effort.

I really enjoyed it last night.

April 15 2005

I made the mistake of watching "the office special" after watching episode 4 of the american office. I can't help that they're next to each other on my tivo.

I really liked dwight in the box, but i do think he's a little too scary instead of dorky. i feel like he may set off a bomb instead of just showing off his knowledge on how to set one off, like gareth would.

I'll keep watching - it's entertaining.

-"Should I put them all on the 'yes' pile, or just one to show you're not prejudice?"

April 15 2005

" i feel like he may set off a bomb instead of just showing off his knowledge on how to set one off, like gareth would."


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