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Monday · April 04 2005

4:10pm Cubs open the season against the Diamondbacks in Arizona.
8:20pm The Illini play UNC in the NCAA final game everyone wanted to see.

If you live in Chicago and aren't excited today, you're not a sports fan. I didn't go to U of I, but I'm on the bandwagon. Dan has a bottle of Dom Perignon I'm going to make him pop if the Illini pull it off tonight. This NCAA final is the most compelling matchup I can remember.

The Cubs begin the season with Carlos Zambrano on the mound. I haven't followed much of spring training, but I'll be back in the swing of baseball soon enough. My fantasy league auction is next Saturday, so I have to reacquaint myself with every star and marginal player in the NL this week. The Cub lineup and rotation look alright (assuming Wood and Prior rebound faster and better than last year), but depth and bullpen are huge question marks. More on the Cubs as I pay more attention.

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April 04 2005

Don't forget about the Sox at 2:05...

April 04 2005

i like sports when it comes to playing them or going to games with friends, but for dom perignon i'll be the biggest fair weather fanatic you need me to be.

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