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Monday · March 07 2005

What Yahoo! looked like 10 years ago
Yahoo! was my first portal into the WWW. There was still lots to do online before the Web, though.

My online favorites in 1995:
* Read every post on the R.E.M. Usenet newsgroup daily.
* Telnet into the FIBS (First Internet Backgammon Server) to play backgammon on a scrolling text screen.
* Use Ytalk to chat online (before instant messaging became ubiquitous) Dan while he was working at the computer lab.
* Find new email penpals on bulletin boards. I actually had 3 or 4 steady writing partners…really weird to think about those exchanges now.

What you had to say:
March 07 2005

Cool. No sponsors.

March 28 2005

I totally remember this.

I also totally remember a terrible "Gopher Page" joke I made about some old-timer lab assistant in my Chemistry lecture... uh, you had to be there...

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