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Monday · March 07 2005

Motley Crue at Madison Square Garden

The strippers ate fire and walked on stilts; the dwarf belched fireballs and rode a unicycle, and even the roadies, dressed as evil clowns, squirted fire extinguishers at the crowd.

The Crue…still playing to the 15 year old in all of us.

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March 07 2005

Not for me. I never liked that crap except for about six weeks in the 8th grade when I thought that was the only kind of rock that I was ever going to hear again so I might as well embrace it.

I have no nostalgic affection for the hair bands and wish that nobody else did either. Motley Crue should go the way of Britney Fox and Warrant into the dustbin of history.

April 09 2005

Show was excellent.
Brought back memories of some rally good times.
Cant wait to see them again in August.
The Crue is still KICKING ASS!!

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