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Monday · February 28 2005

Kelly picked 11 of 12 in the Oscar Pool, just edging out Scott M, gigi, and me, who all picked 10 of 12. I don't know you, Scott or gigi, but good job. Kelly, congrats and nicely done. Switching to the “who I think will win” strategy over the “who I want to win” strategy made all the difference.

The show was paced alright, but had few surprises. Chris Rock was the funniest host in some time — loved the Bush as a Gap employee bit and all the specific barbs he tossed at the stars. Sideways and Eternal Sunshine got the writing awards they deserved. Clint and Co. cleaned up when it counted for what I agreed was the Best Picture of 2005, Million Dollar Baby.

Kelly, congratulations again, I'm waiting on this week's poll question from you.

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What you had to say:
March 01 2005

I had some trouble with the supporting actors, though I did get best picture and director. I will work on the "who I think will win" over "who I want to win" and put it into play next year. :)

March 01 2005

We had a similar contest at work a few days after I filled out the kegz online version. For the work one someone had happened to bring the Wall Street Journal's predictions for the Oscars, which were based on some sort of pseudo-algorhythm. Turns out WSJ was correct on 100% of their picks! I would definately say this supports the theory that there are certain shoe-in criteria involved in getting an Oscar, and they're not based on the merits of the film.

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