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Friday · February 25 2005

The Virtual Waiting Room is the worst kind of waiting room. I log into the thing at 9:30 am to try and get a couple weekday Cub games in mid-summer. It's now 1:15pm and I've made no progress. All 3 Red Sox games are sold out and tickets for those are already at $400 on ebay according to Stacy. In 1999, Stacy and I stood outside of the HotTix in Evanston with 5 other people and got 4 seats to everything we wanted. Those days are gone.

I ought to move to Pittsburgh, so I can go watch baseball anytime I want. Cry, bitch, moan…I know, but the whole process sucks.

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What you had to say:
February 25 2005

I am with you. The virtual waiting room is driving me crazy.

February 25 2005

Or you could attend more Sox games.

February 25 2005

That blows. Is that only the case with hot games like the Red Sox or do Tuesday Cubs-Pirates games sell out too?

February 25 2005

You can't even get in to buy Pirates games, it is all one big pool of waiting. Some people at my company have a whole room of computers set up to buy tickets (at least 30 machines) and they have gotten to buy tickets for a grand total of one game (it is nearly 4pm). Sigh.

February 25 2005

I wonder if Nationals tickets are going to be like that. I haven't been willing to commit to the 20-game plan, but maybe it would be easier than dealing with something like this for single-game tix.

February 25 2005

Pittsburgh's a cool place, but don't move there for the baseball. Last time I was at a game, about five years ago, I played in this little marching band called "The Buckos" that walked around the old stadium playing little peppy tunes to the people who weren't there.

I still can't believe they have a new stadium for a team with no draw. Maybe someday.

March 06 2005

move to colorado. you can go to any rockies game you want--anytime, including cubbies in august. i love coming home on a wednesday at 7, walking a block & buying a ticket for $5 and then sitting most anywhere i please. of course, for yankees, red sox, cubbies - i do buy the tix in advance, but they are available if i plan 2-3 weeks in advance. then again, it's the rockies.

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