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Wednesday · February 09 2005

Unseemly things at Walgreen's on a Wednesday morning:

  1. The putrid combo smell of vomit and raspberry air freshener above the Wet Floor sign in aisle 2.
  2. A 5-pack of Tic-Tac breath mints in Valentine's Day packaging
  3. A man dressed in a full Uncle Sam costume shopping for school supplies. Stars and stripes top hat, tails, pants, 5 ring binder.

I'm grinding the coffee beans now.

What you had to say:
February 09 2005

An Uncle Sam costume in Walgreens on February 9th is definitely random.

February 09 2005

Darn! That beats my Glenview Target experience today. The most interesting thing I saw was about 10 or 15 stay at home moms with their kids, almost all on their cell phones. What the heck is so important that they have to be on cell phones at Target? And I almost puked when one of them got off of her phone and started yelling down the aisle, "Bitsy? Bitsy! Bitsy, I'm paging you!", followed by a gush of hugs, laughter, possible tears, and "Did you change your e-mail address?" Maybe she changed it to get away from you, you freak!

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