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Tuesday · February 08 2005

Google Maps
Integrated yellow pages, proximate local searching, large and draggable maps, clear driving direction paths…cya Mapquest.

Thanks, Matt, for the link.

What you had to say:
February 09 2005

This is amazing. As someone who has looked at maps a lot in the last year, this is incredible. And it is an internet map!

February 09 2005

The Yellow Pages with mapping is really nice. I won't be using the directions, though. The directions search told me to take Clark to LaSalle to get from my home to work - not so good. Mapquest gave me the proper directions - take Lake Shore Drive.

February 11 2005

It's still in Beta form, give the search function another shot in a few months. I think it's the best thing ever. have you seen yet?

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