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Tuesday · February 08 2005

Full House - The Complete First Season on DVD
What's the opposite of Wish List?

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What you had to say:
February 08 2005

Although it's impact on world events was small, Full House has to go down in history as one of the worst ideas in Western history, right up there with World War I, the Crusades and Divine Right of Kings.

February 09 2005

I think you're giving this crapfest show too much credit. Full House was very much a product of its time, meant to appeal to moronic adults and pre-teen girls who didn't know any better. If "Small Wonder" (the one with Vicki, the child robot) -- truly one of the worst sitcoms ever -- came out on DVD, then I would have to agree on the worst idea riff.

February 09 2005

Fair point.

However, Small Wonder didn't last long, did it? Full House might still win in the "slugging percentage" of crapness - crapness times the number of seasons on the air.

February 16 2005

I think full house is a great tv show for kids and other people and the show is not crap whatever u people say

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