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Monday · February 07 2005

Husband and wife fall in love again in chat room and promptly divorce
This has “Kate Hudson romantic comedy vehicle” written all over it.

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February 07 2005

Except in the end Kate Hudson and the male lead (presumably played by Dermot Mulroney or perhaps Breckin Meyer) would get back together. Coldplay's "Clocks", or perhaps something by Train and/or John Mayer, maybe would play over the end as the credits begin to roll and the camera gradually pans out from a shot of them kissing on the Space Needle to show all of Seattle.

February 07 2005

Yea, given. Standard romantic comedy ending is mandatory.

February 07 2005

I've always wondered how the people who do have a career in screenwriting are picked out of the thousands of others who could just as easily write the same crap.

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