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Monday · February 07 2005

Be careful trying to sell your photos of the Bean

Chicago spent $270 million on its Millennium Park, placing a big public sculpture by Anish Kapoor in the middle of it, bought with public money. Woe betide any member of the public who tries to photograph this sculpture, though: it's a copyrighted sculpture and Chicago is spending even more money policing Chicagoans who try to photograph it and make a record of what their tax-dollars bought.

Wha? Someone tell me this is nuts.

Original link on The Copyrighting of Public Space

Archived: Around town » February 2005
What you had to say:
February 07 2005

This is ridiculous, I think I'm going to bring my tripod along just to see if the guards really come out on segways. Maybe they'd let me try one out.

February 11 2005

it's nuts. Fair use. also non-commercial. photos of sculptures = fine. policing it? not fine.

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