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Wednesday · February 02 2005

2005 Oscar Pool
Remember to vote for who you think will win, not necessarily who you want to win. The winner will get to pick the poll question for a week or something equal in monetary value and lack of prestige. Total number of correct picks wins. Ties will be broken by going down the list starting with Best Picture…most picks in a row wins.

The 2005 Oscar Pool is brought to you by Matthew Baldwin, defective yeti.

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What you had to say:
February 02 2005

Okay, what does this mean? The only films I've seen from ANY Of these nominations are The Incredibles and The Passion of the Christ (bootleg copy, late-night gathering at a friend's place).

February 02 2005

I guess it means you don't see many movies in the theatre. And you better get a copy of Entertainment Weekly if you want to win the pool.

February 02 2005

when are the oscars, anyways?

February 02 2005

sunday feb. 27th

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