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Friday · January 28 2005

Which weatherman is more painful to watch?

Incompetent weatherman?

Lunatic weatherman?

What you had to say:
January 28 2005

definately incompetent weatherman. I felt a stronger desire to bitchslap the lunatic than I did pangs of sympathy.

January 29 2005

No way is that lunatic weatherman a meteorologist! I just can't imagine that lunatic weatherman could ever pass a differential equations class or any college level math and science courses. He can't even focus long enough to get through his forecast! What a freak! By the way, I agree with Alexis. I really wanted to jump in and help the incompetent guy.

January 31 2005

Definitely. Meteorology is hard.

Most tv weathermen are not meterologists. The likelihood that your local weatherman actually knows what he's talking about depends on how extreme the weather gets in your area. In Minnesota or Pennsylvania, the weathermen tend to be real meteorologists. In Southern California, they're just people who look nice and present the weather.

You can take classes on tv weather forecasting when you get your meteorology degree

January 31 2005

You don't need a weather man
To know which way the wind blows

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