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Tuesday · January 25 2005

Oscar Nominees
We have plenty of time for the online pool and guessing, but I'll start now.

The 5 Best Picture nominees are not a surprise. I've seen all but Ray, and I don't think there's a clear-cut favorite. Finding Neverland made me cry like a baby and that's tough to do. But, the director isn't nominated, and I think those movies always lose. Every critic on Earth loved Sideways and it's a can't-miss enjoyable film. The Aviator has Scorsese and the most nominations going for it, but I thought it lost focus towards the end and didn't tell a tight story; more of a movie that seems like a Best Picture than the real Best Picture. Million Dollar Baby was outstanding; I'd probably pick MDB if I was betting money.

I'm usually much more interested in Original Screenplay than Adapted, but this year, I think Adapted is the more interesting race — Eternal Sunshine ought to win Original, imo. In the Adapted race, what's more deserving of a writing award than Before Sunset? The movie is nothing more than an 80 minute dialogue between 2 people sitting and walking through Paris, and it never drags. It won't win, but I suppose it's a victory for Richard Linklater that the Academy acknowledged him at all. I don't get to vote unfortunately.

Cinematography? House of Flying Daggers is like a moving coffee table book of beautiful pictures. Not going to win any writing awards, but pret-ty colors.

Actress in a Supporting Role. Wow, tough one. Can I pick them all?

Poor Tom Cruise. Well, not really, but mock-poor Tom Cruise. Not only is he unable to win one of these things, but, this year, Jamie Foxx gets a nomination (and an almost certain win) for Ray and a nomination for supporting actor in Cruise's Collateral. Don't ask me how Foxx's role is considered supporting in Collateral. He was in the whole damn movie.

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What you had to say:
January 25 2005

I thought Tom Cruise was better than Jamie Foxx in "Collateral." Granted that it's basically the two of them sharing screen time for the whole movie, but it's Cruise's performance that made the movie enjoyable (to me at least) not Foxx's.

January 25 2005

with this year's contest, i'll vote for who i think will win vs. who i WANT to win

January 26 2005

I will do two ballots - one for who i think will win and one for who i want to win. When are the Oscars?

January 26 2005

sunday feb. 27th

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