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Tuesday · January 25 2005

Upon my urging, my dad went to see Million Dollar Baby last night. That he'd enjoy it was a gimme. He loves boxing and he loves Morgan Freeman even more, though Clint Eastwood is “a little too emotional and kinda looking at you sideways.” He called me this morning to tell me he and Darlene went to the Addison Marcus theatre for the 7:30 show.

“Okay, did you guys like it?”
“Well, we walked in and saw SPOILER GOES HERE. We watched that for about 10 minutes and thought it was going to be some sort of flashback. But then we realized there wasn't gonna be a flashback when the movie just ended.”

Apparently, the usher directed them to the wrong door. He got a free pair of tickets and still loved the show despite seeing the ending first.

“Wow, that sucks for you guys. That totally ruins it. When we saw it last week, I had no idea that SPOILER GOES HERE was going to happen.”
Dad, laughing really loud on the phone, “Well, I did!”

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What you had to say:
January 25 2005

spoiler goes here? I'm confused....
they saw the last 20 minutes or what?

January 25 2005

ok i'm a little slow today- i get it now- that really does suck for them....
of course dad knew that was going to happen!

January 25 2005

Yeah, they were directed to the wrong theatre and saw the end of the movie before seeing it the whole way through from the beginning.

I put SPOILER GOES HERE to replace the events of the plot that I didn't want to give away. There's no movie called SPOILER GOES HERE.

January 25 2005

i realized that after i typed my dumbass's been a long morning!

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