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Wednesday · January 19 2005

'Americanism' hurting certain brands?
Poll of Canadian and European consumers on various brand names — resulting graph plots Perceived Americanism vs. Likeliness to Avoid. The outlying Microsoft data point is verrry interesting. I don't take the Marlboro point too seriously, because it's smoking afterall.

Of course, Microsoft is insulated from Americanism, because Bill Gates is drop dead zexy.

What you had to say:
January 19 2005

okay, that's creepy. The only two blogs I read regularly and they both have links to the same scary Bill Gates pic.

January 19 2005

It was a popular item making the rounds the last couple days.

January 20 2005

I find this interesting because I used to work on some of these brands (McDonald's, Procter and Gamble and Kraft). It's funny that Europeans' perceptions differ so much with regard to how American these companies are because from an insider's point of view, P&G and Kraft are about as mainstream America as you can get. Lisa

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