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Monday · January 17 2005

The brain of a gamer

However, it is true that games sometimes do some pretty weird things to your sense of perception. Anyone who's stayed up until 4 am playing a game knows that when you try to lie down at night, you can still see the game: You're still there, running through the corridors of Halo 2, peering down on the isometric Sims, or watching the Tetris bricks fall through the infinite Euclidean freespace of your brain.

I've had the Tetris dreams dozens of times. And do not try to drive a car right after playing Burnout 3.

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What you had to say:
January 18 2005

I can still feel myself going downhill after playing SSX3 last night.

Driving games can be trouble. I haven't played Colin McRae Rally in a few months, but I still constantly have the urge to do a hard turn into our driveway by pulling the parking brake.

January 18 2005

I must be one of you, because this happens to me too. It even happens with Wordspy.

January 18 2005

Um, Reed, please don't let the neighbors see you do that. If you must, use the driveway that belongs to the degenerate teens next door, ok?

January 18 2005

The opinion of the neighbors is not my primary motivation for not driving like that. Unlike their virual counterpart, car accidents in real life suck.

January 18 2005

When I play poorly in Halo2, I replay the shots in my head ad nauseum. Strategy games, I rethink and rethink to the point of OCD.

Reed, check out Burnout 3. And really...don't drive right after.

I know I get too sucked in, but that's just how it is.

January 20 2005

I'm in a "wait until it gets cheaper" phase of game buying.

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