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Wednesday · January 12 2005

No updates today.

Eventually, I will be ready with more words or a story, but not yet. My grandma is in hospice care, resting and dying without machines and feeding tubes, with her family taking turns being next to her. She has been an incredibly loving and caring influence in my life and I miss the grandma I used to have.

With the minute or two you might have taken to click on links or read an article posted here, say a prayer for her and my family. Anything for her to feel less lonely today is a blessing.

Thanks for all your support.

What you had to say:
January 12 2005

You'll all be in my prayers and thoughts today.
Much love to you.

January 12 2005

Best wishes and prayers to your family.

My grampa passed away on Dec. 26, so I can feel a bit of what you're feeling right now.

January 12 2005

I'm so sorry! I will be thinking about you all and I am here for you if you need anything.

January 12 2005

My condolences Jason and Stacy, my thoughts are with you. Losing someone you love is never easy.

January 12 2005

Our love & prayers are with you, Stacy and your entire family.

January 14 2005

jay -
Sorry to hear about your grandma -
we're praying for you, stacy, and the family.

January 14 2005

Jason - Sorry to hear about the loss for you. That loving and caring influence you mention certainly will not die however, as it has been carried on through you -- and we have all been the benefactors of that.

January 17 2005

My grandma passed away last thursday, the wake tonight and the funeral tomorrow. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The last week is a time I probably won't chronicle here. Within the span of a couple months, I'll be witness to the last breath and first breath of very special people.

Thanks again.

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