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Wednesday · January 05 2005

I bought a medium coffee to go at Cafe Express on Main St. in Evanston this morning. I would have rather had it “for here.” That way I could sit at one of the empty tables, watch snow blow all over the road, and read all 12 articles about Ryne Sandberg and his election to The Baseball Hall of Fame.

If you have more than one section of the Trib opened up at a coffee shop at 9:30 on a weekday, you're doing something right. And you have my jealousy.

What you had to say:
January 06 2005

That delightful scene contrasts so sharply to the way my last two weeks have been that it makes me want to cry.

January 07 2005

For some, relaxation is a beach chair under the sun. For me, it's an empty day with plenty of time for coffee and newspapers.

Reed, I hope you get some downtime soon.

January 21 2005

I like both of those Cafe Expresses (?), but the one on Dempster is just a little bit cozier. Certainly better than the Starbucks down the way.

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