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Tuesday · January 04 2005

The End of Year Mix That Never Would Have Been Born Unless,, & Gave It Wings.

  • The Ice Storm - The Go! Team
  • Me And Mia - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
  • Pelz Komet - Kingsbury Manx
  • Gigantic - Pixies (Live 4/13/04)
  • Busted Heart - Bishop Allen
  • Loopy Loopy Love - The Brunettes
  • Business Casual - Viva Voce
  • Some Song - Elliott Smith
  • The Band - Mando Diao
  • Deceptacon - Le Tigre
  • Wanderlust - The Delays
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire
  • I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs
  • Through The Walls - Rjd2 (Feat. Ric Ocasek)
  • He Did It - The Detroit Cobras
  • Nights of The Living Dead - Tilly And The Wall
  • Birthday - Sugarcubes
  • Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson
  • With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley
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What you had to say:
January 04 2005

Hey Jay,
So now that I have a radio in my car- could you make me a few of your cd's i love so much?
i'll be getting in this friday morning- let's get together for sure sometime before i leave- let me know what works for you.

January 04 2005

Well, at least I've heard of four of the bands on your list. I've really been impressed by the Delays and almost was going to see them earlier this year when they played at Martyrs. Upon first listen I was sure that the lead singer was a woman but my partner, Steve, insisted that this was not the case.
Sidenote: Steve works as a part-time DJ at Loyola's radio station (WLUW) so they periodically get tons of CDs to sift through and decide whether to include them on rotation. Steve noticed that the program manager decided to pass on the Delays CD (i.e. discard it), so he snatched it up. Some months later the station, realizing its mistake, requested that Steve make them a copy, so they could finally include it in their collection.

January 04 2005

Before 2004, I only had heard of 5 of the above artists. Most of them are random downloads from the mentioned sites that got stuck in my iTunes rotation and I wanted to share.

I love The Delays album.

January 04 2005

So far, I'm a big fan of the Kingsbury Manx song (a band I've been meaning to listen to forever, but never got around to it), the Bishop Allen song, Mando Diao, and the Kaiser Chiefs. The Elliot Smith song is beautiful, but it creeps me out. And of course, I was already a fan of Ted Leo, Detroit Cobras, and the little I've heard of Kimya Dawson. It always takes me a little while to get into the second wave of songs that capture my attention, but it's in regular play in my car until I make the iPod plunge.

Thanks. I owe you one. (I've already started on the list.)

January 04 2005

The Kingsbury Manx song might be my favorite on there. Do you agree that the Bishop Allen song sounds like the best Modest Mouse impersonation ever?

January 04 2005

Yes - I actually said that to someone while describing the Bishop Allen song.

January 04 2005

Can't stop listing to the le Tigre song, although I can't get into any of the rest of their work that I've heard so far.

January 25 2005

FINALLY I'm moving on from the June mix and catching up to the latest.
The Delays reminded me of Annie Lennox at first. I bet that the brothers in the band would be happy to hear that.
Thanks, Jay. I am loving it. My boss will too, I'm sure. ;)

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