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Tuesday · December 21 2004

56 Uncommon Baby Names for Boys, Culled From the Index of Volume 3 of Master of the Senate, Robert Caro's Biography of Lyndon Johnson.
Stace and I have not yet settled on a baby name. This list will not change that fact.

Dumas? C'mon.

What you had to say:
December 21 2004


December 21 2004

Thaddeus and Ezra are my 2 favorites.

December 21 2004

If I had to pick one, I'd go with Vannevar, just because "Van" as a nickname isn't that bad. As long as he kept the full name hidden.

December 21 2004

only thaddeus i've ever known was the ups man who came to deliver stuff to us at erehwon. i think you guys met him actually, at my bday party at the irish bar. nice guy, but kinda loony tunes.

December 21 2004

Ezra is great, though Lester has some newfound cache for the rock-crit set.

December 28 2004

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