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Tuesday · December 07 2004

Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make
When I visit a band's site, I want three things

  1. A couple full-length mp3s at a reasonable quality so I can listen and know if I want to hear more.
  2. An up-to-date listing of your upcoming shows. If you can't keep this current, find someone who can. If this isn't up-to-date, why do you have a site?
  3. A link to where I can buy the goods. If that's too much, how about a way to get in touch with you, that isn't a black hole you use to store spam.

A photo album is nice, but unless you have Jenny Lewis in your band, you incorporate giant disco balls and animal costumed kids into your act, or you have 23 people dressed in various colored robes, we know what 4 dudes on a stage looks like.

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What you had to say:
December 07 2004

er, um, ouch.

December 07 2004

Though it may seem so, I wasn't talking at anyone in particular. There's a whole lot of out of date and otherwise really poor band sites out there.

December 07 2004

Oh i didn't think you were! (but now I will always suspect it was so.....)(joking)

December 07 2004

Okay, maybe just the "up-to-date" part.

December 07 2004

I beg to differ about the photo album. I always want to know what they look like. I wonder if that's a female thing?

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