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Tuesday · December 07 2004

A poem constructed from the names of IKEA products
Anyone want to look all these up and tell me what it means? Something like “chair table sofa bookcase chair,” maybe?

What you had to say:
December 10 2004

Um. So, I'm waiting for my coworker to be ready to go shopping for lunch, and browsing the internet for an alternative to the $1000 Noguchi coffee table that I want to go with my new sofa (ideas, anyone?). So I went to And I had a few minutes. The translation:

Bedside table! Chest with 4 drawers Storage unit Cushion Ikea!
Handle Cordset Chair.
Bathmat Worklamp Handle.
Dining accessories.
Tables and racks Vase Gift wrap Futon.
Linens Entertainment center Kitchen accessories Wooden kitchen accessories.
Bowl Lamp Chair.
Bedroom furniture Kitchen accessories Office accessories Storage units!

© 2004 Jason Keglovitz