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Thursday · December 02 2004

How do people get the stuff done that has to get done if everyone in the household works the 9 to 5 or more? I'm lucky to have the flexibility to be home when needed, because it is surely needed. The cats needed to get to the vet (Pixie is doing much better, I'm waiting to hear how her blood work is.). I have a guy in the kitchen painting my ceiling from leaking dishwasher water damage upstairs. The internet connection in the second bedroom is intermittent causing the wireless to be wonky and I need the cable guy to come tomorrow. The furnace is also moody and only turning on when it feels like it, so I may have to get a furnace service here soon too.

I'm thinking about most of my friends and alot of you do have someone at home or able to be home to cover it. In my building, out of 7 units, 6 of us have someone home at least 3 days a week. I suppose we used to just take days off work or go in late, but having the flexibility now makes keeping up alot easier.

What you had to say:
December 02 2004

Don't even get me started .... when you live alone it's even worse.

December 02 2004

But I just gave you a perfect opportunity to get started. Rant away.

December 02 2004

LOL. No, I need to figure out how to convert price formats in this materialized view I'm making, and attempt to tune the normal view I made that takes 5 minutes to return the select count(*). Go Oracle 9i.
I'll just say that I perhaps understand why some people - nobody I'm close to, mind you - settle when they settle down. It's handy having a second set of hands! I see that especially now that I own a place.

December 02 2004

That made no sense. I have no idea what I'm saying.
I'm too full of Chipotle to think straight.

December 03 2004

I'm currently playing hookie and working from home today to try to fit in a few little things (laundry, sweep the floors, etc.) in between phone calls and other work. Being out of town adds to the loss of control over your regularly scheduled life. How does my house get so damn dirty when I'm NOT EVEN HERE!!!! For me, I get my life under control during football on Sundays, or weekend baseball games, or cooking shows on Saturday afternoons. It's a great excuse to stick around and get all those little things done and still not feel bad about watching too much TV for a few hours.

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