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Wednesday · December 01 2004

First day of December (why did I first write November?), first day I pulled out the winter coat. I've barely stepped outside the last 3 days and, before that, I spent a week in California, where my sister scraped frost from her windshield for the first time in the year she has lived there. Since mid-October, I have been mostly working from our back room at home, a setup with it's own set of advantages and disadvantages from sharing a workplace. Miss the traffic, but also the discussion and company at lunchtime.

The Thanksgiving week we spent with Kristin was the first time I've been around my sister for that length of time since I moved out of my mom's house. It's a whole lot different now that we're both adults. Intentionally, we didn't fill the week up with lots of activities. I didn't want to run around and spend days in the car. With my dad and Darlene also visiting, and Thanksgiving dinner to shop and cook for, as well as one day in Sequoia, I figured we'd have plenty. It was alot like being at home without going to work: read, watch TV, and play Xbox. Stacy and I re-played through the first half of X-Men Legends with Kristin. Kristin's friends saw first hand what would become of her if she lived with me all the time.

I missed talking to everyone here daily, but I don't miss the internet.

What you had to say:
December 01 2004

Holy cow it really is December. With so many flowers in bloom in California, I forgot it really is winter.

December 01 2004

Nice of you to rub in that point about the weather, Stace. ;)
I wanted to share a bit of my holiday adventures:
After a brief Thanksgiving in Denver, Beth & I packed up the remains of our childhood and adolescent memorabilia into a rented Grand Cherokee on Sunday morning and drove through hell frozen over - an ice storm in Kansas. Holy cow. Don't want to do that again. We called 911 twice to report accidents that we witnessed, and prayed for at least 20 other cars whose demise we didn't actually watch. The other 16 or so hours of the Denver-Chicago trip were less eventful, and filled with my singing along to our CDs at the top of my lungs most of the time (poor Beth!). It's good to be home.

December 01 2004

Welcome home! I am glad you got here safely! I watched the Broncos play in the snow; I can imagine the roads were awful.

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