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Thursday · November 18 2004

House Republicans change rule to protect DeLay's leadership from possible indictment

Unintentionally hilarious quotes of the day…

Republican lawmakers “fixed the rules so that Democrats cannot use our rules against us,” he said.

Mr. DeLay said he did not expect to be indicted, but added, “This has nothing to do with whether I was going to be or not going to be.''

What a joke.

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What you had to say:
November 18 2004

As a liberal Christian (of sorts) who believes in loving one's enemy, I'd like to rid my heart of any hatred toward a fellow human being. However, I f*cking hate that guy so much.

November 18 2004

I think it sends a nice american message that morals are good, unless they happen to be in the way of political advantage.

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