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Thursday · November 11 2004

I call my dad every year to wish him a Happy Veteran's Day, but as I write that, I'm thinking 'Happy' isn't really the proper sentiment. Maybe I should wish him a Respectful Veteran's Day or a Thoughtful Veteran's Day next time. I guess it doesn't really matter; I think it's the call that counts.

If you know a veteran past or present, offer them your appreciation today.

What you had to say:
November 11 2004

I called dad also- it always makes him happy- as it should.

November 11 2004

The proper way to celebrate is to go over to Joe Mauldin's place to quaff a few root beers.

November 11 2004

I had to look that one up.

November 11 2004


I remember this from reading Peanuts as a kid. I didn't know who Joe Mauldin was until a friend loaned me a book of his work when I was in high school.

I still don't really know what quaff means.

November 11 2004

So many times I wondered why snoopy was quaffing root beers. Now I know! I'm so glad you mentioned this. I sent "Happy" greetings to both Dad and Grandpa and was feeling insecure about it...

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