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Thursday · November 11 2004

A couple months ago, my cousin asked me to go with her to Boston for a campus visit at Northeastern U. Originally she planned to go next spring, but our baby plans changed her plans, so we're going this weekend. Even if it's just a couple of days, I love getting back there. We've had so many great times in Chicago, but I wonder what I'd be doing now if we had decided to stick out the adventure longer and not return to the home base.

Because we moved back, I was near when my grandpa died, I got to see most every basketball game of Kristin's senior season, and Stacy discovered a love for baseball on WGN. Those things stick out because they were immediate effects of the move. I can't trace everything in the last 7 years since back to that time because it just feels like “life.” At the time, we thought Boston impractical with our friends leaving and our families all out West. We don't talk about the decision as much as we used to, which is why it really was time for the latest fork to start a family. Growth.

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