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Thursday · November 11 2004

On 'Moral Values' It's Blue in a Landslide
Of all the articles I've read in the last 8 days about “values” and the election, this one is the best. Lots of good parts to quote, but the closing paragraph (and all of page 3) is right on.

According to this argument, the values voters the Democrats must pander to are people like Cary and Tara Leslie, archetypal Ohio evangelical “Bush votes come to life” apotheosized by The Washington Post right after Election Day. The Leslies swear by “moral absolutes,” support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and mostly watch Fox News. Mr. Leslie has also watched his income drop from $55,000 to $35,000 since 2001, forcing himself, his wife and his three young children into the ranks of what he calls the “working poor.” Maybe by 2008 some Democrat will figure out how to persuade him that it might be a higher moral value to worry about the future of his own family than some gay family he hasn't even met.

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November 11 2004

what a great article...I absolutely agree. thanks Jay

November 11 2004

That makes me feel a little better.

This article disproves the "moral values" nonsense with some more statistics

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