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Tuesday · November 09 2004

Thanksgiving survival guide
This only helps with getting the food ready. Surviving your family, you're on your own.

Archived: Eats » November 2004
What you had to say:
November 09 2004

Nice! I like the section on veggie main courses.
My sister, mom, and I are planning to dine out this year. My mom picked a restaurant in Golden, CO that apparently has "lots of cheese" on their Thanksgiving buffet. I truly appreciate the thought, but wish more omnivores understood that cheese is not the end-all-be-all protein substitute for meat! Whole grains, legumes? Huh?

There seemed to be no point in cooking a turkey for two and a tofurkey for me.... but now now I'm a little curious to stay home instead and try some of the recipes. We'll see what happens.

November 09 2004

tori, my familia and i always go somewhere that offers a great brunch. that way the 3 vegetarians can get something yummy like breakfasty stuff and my brother aka the biggest carnivore on the planet can get his traditional turkey fixin's. then we go catch a movie. two years ago it was bongo room and 'bowling for columbine', last year it was coco pazzo and '21 grams'. it's a blast 'cuz nothing is crowded. we are a very traditional family when it comes to this holiday.

November 09 2004

I had a lot of fun when my brother and I cooked ourselves a Thanksgiving feast. No pressure, because we only fed friends and ourselves (who would've perhaps eaten pizza if we decided not to cook). The only hard part was getting up early enough to start the turkey (though we kept it pretty simple for our first go at it).

November 09 2004

Kelly - our family 'tradition' is to go to the movies on Christmas! lol.

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