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Monday · November 08 2004

Our week 3 selection in the “We Better Go to the Movies While We Still Can” campaign was The Incredibles. I loved it, laughed really hard, and marveled at the hair and water animation, etc etc. However, in retrospect, I think it was a poor choice. We really shouldn't be watching any movies now that our future kid may want to view 30 times in a row. It's just bad planning. We need to stick to hard-hitting dramas with stark, depressing themes from here on.

If you can't get enough Pixar, check out Luxo, a blog dedicated to Pixar animation studios.

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What you had to say:
November 08 2004

I loved The Incredibles, too! Did you notice in the credits that there were two (I think) hair & water animation directors -- I'm sure I got their title wrong, but wow, what a cool job.

I told Stace last night that you two should check out live theater while you can - can't rent that on DVD even after the baby does come! Check out Steppenwolf's The Dresser with John Mahoney and Tracy Letts - amazing. Amazing!

November 08 2004

I'd really like to see that play, Tori. Agree completely on the theatre. We saw a second production at the Rhino Fest a couple weeks ago.

November 09 2004

The Incredibles is brilliant.

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