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Friday · November 05 2004

Three things I have really enjoyed in the last week:

  1. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. This is the first new fiction novel in a long time that really made me think about family, home, and tradition. Lahiri's writing is beautiful and direct without being flowery or sentimental. Until this year, I had read very few female authors, but the bookclub and a few other selections have showed me how much I've been missing. Kristin sent this book to Stacy for her birthday and I snatched it up before Stace could get to it. The Namesake is the best fiction book I've read this year.
  2. A meal at Room 22 (State and Hubbard). Stace and I met up with Jay and Jill last night for a great dinner. Stef recommended this one. We all shared the charcuterie tasting plate (I have no idea what charcuterie is either) which had six or seven small and too good looking to eat tasting appetizers. I had the lamb shoulder with the cherry and mushroom sauce. Really yummy. The trendy location and atmosphere and the vocabulary challenging menu made me a little cautious, but the food won out.
  3. Sideways (link to the trailer). It's become a running joke between Kelly and me that it's impossible to describe this movie such that anyone would want to go see it. So I won't. But it's smart and hilarious.
What you had to say:
November 05 2004

Charcuterie = fancy french word for meat.
How long as Room 22 been around? Is it possible that I dined there years ago?

November 05 2004

Our waiter said they opened 5 months ago. I guess they're having a re-opening event or something coming up. He said it gets crowded on weekends, but it was maybe 1/3 full last night. Good for our table service, but not for their business.

November 05 2004

It was packed when I went(late nite)on a friday. I definitely got the sense that it becomes a trendy bar in the evenings. Tori- the owner used to run the Wild Onion on Lincoln Ave. Maybe that's where you've been...?

November 05 2004

You are super gay!

Now, I wouldn't deign to claim that an insult under normal circumstances, but
1) You're married Kegs! and
2) That was your gayest post yet.

November 05 2004

And I try so hard to keep it quiet. I told Stacy I shouldn't go with the purple.

November 05 2004

Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. It's not like I'd share it on the internet"s", any way.

You know, there are at least 11 states in this great union who would have a serious problem with the news, should they find out.

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