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Thursday · November 04 2004

Now that the election hangover has passed, I can get back to the real purpose of this website: writing about the music and games I like and you don't care about and posting amusing links.

Gallery of Stick Figure Warning Signs

Since the election has taken over the internet and all I can find are snarky responses and bewildered post-mortems, you'll have to make do with stick figures getting crushed and broken in two. However much I laughed, all the mocking movies, pictures, articles, and jokes in the world amounted to nothing more than hopping on the bandwagon and rooting for the same team as 48% of the country. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing right about it either.

What you had to say:
November 04 2004

You have a point. We need to immerse ourselves in some diversionary fun and trivial pursuits -- for a while at least -- or else the next 4 years of hell will truly be unbearable. I'm not sure when exactly I will be getting over the shock and disillusionment of Election Day. Yesterday, I felt like if only I could take a long nap and be woken up in November 2008 when hopefully America will come to its senses. But I know that life must, and it will, go on. There will be plenty of time to continue to fight the good fight. For now, being amused by stick figures sounds OK to me.

November 04 2004

Jason, man, you are smart. I really mean that.

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