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Wednesday · November 03 2004

Group therapy time.

Just throw out some things that have nothing to do with politics or the world that you're looking forward to or excited about. The gloom and doom mood is killing me.

I'm looking forward to visiting my sister over Thanksgiving and seeing her life out there for the first time since she moved. I'm looking forward to going to Boston next weekend with my cousin while she visits Northeastern University. I'm looking forward to the release of Halo 2 next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to a cup of coffee tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to becoming a father in the spring.

What you had to say:
November 03 2004

I'm looking forward to seeing my family back east and in Michigan over the holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing my brother next year in Iowa, for the first time since he left for Guam.

I'm looking forward to playing drums, and listening to a whole bunch of new music I picked up this week. I can't wait to see a whole bunch of friends at a wedding next March, and another one next May.

I'm looking forward to getting milkshakes at Deluxe tonight.

November 03 2004

i'm looking forward to all the good movies that are coming out, house/puppy/kitty sitting for a few weeks, and meeting my new pal, Laveranues Cornelius Keglovitz this april.

November 03 2004

I look forward to going home and playing X-Men: Legends, and then watching the new South Park.
I look forward to seeing the sweet new Batman movie coming out next summer.
I look forward to seeing my nephew at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I look forward to this Saturday's DC United semi-final playoff match.
I look forward to the coming civil war...oh sorry.

November 03 2004

Man, I forgot about XMen:Legends. Stacy and I are still plugging away at that one. I think I will recoil into a video game haze this weekend and on into next week as Halo 2 comes out.

November 03 2004

Oh, also today marks the 1.5 year mark of my marriage. That make me happy.

November 03 2004

I am looking forward to our Halloween candy leftovers.
I am looking forward to feeling LC move for the first time.
I am looking forward to beating up on sentinals and bad mutants in X-Men.
I am looking forward to when I can drink coffee again on a regular basis.
I am looking forward to our family reunion next summer.
I am looking forward to visiting family over Thanksgiving.

November 03 2004

I am looking forward to seeing my family over Thanksgiving (can't wait)
looking forward to running my half marathon in December- and following through with my goal!
I am looking forward to skiing in Tahoe this winter
I am looking forward to being an auntie- :)
looking forward to coming home as soon as possible after little LC is born
looking forward to having nothing to do this weekend :)

November 03 2004

I'm looking forward to thanksgiving with the family; finishing my sports law paper tomorrow; surprising Michelle's parents with a trip to Scotland scheduled for August; meeting little kegger this spring; finding out if I have a job for the summer; having a month off after December 16; ten more minutes until the current class I'm in is over (the professor just said to us, "Sorry if I'm boring the shit out of you with this stuff."...ha!)
...oh yes, much to look forward to.

November 03 2004

I am looking forward to:
- yoga class tomorrow morning
- tacos for dinner
- having lunch tomorrow with my friend LInda who's been out of town for months now
- Thanksgiving in my home red state, Colorado
- going to Home Depot tonight.
And of course,
meeting LC Kegz (= LCK = Lucky?)

November 04 2004

Thank god for all of you . . . this list has helped me recover some degree of sanity.

I'm looking forward to baking bread, playing my guitar, petting my cat, Thai food on Friday night at Spoon on Western Avenue, good coffee (I've missed it so these past two weeks), and fresh vegetables.

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