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Thursday · October 28 2004

60640 — Median house price: $530,000
60640 has the highest median house price of the Chicago zip codes listed and is still one of the fastest growing. I know there's some incredible old homes in our neighborhood, but 530K as a median, not an average? Wow.

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October 28 2004

Two years ago the Washington Post reported that the median price for homes in my tiny suburb was something like $700K. My boss at the time found the article and was instantly suspicious, first of the data, and then of me for claiming to live there. Not one of my favorite people. Still, there are lots of out-of-the-way streets where I live with rows of McMansions. That's much harder to imagine in the grid that is Chicago....

October 28 2004

I thought my neighbor above me was on crack when he was selling his condo for $330K, but he eventually got that price! Want to buy a place for under $200K? - forget about it. It's getting to the point where you literally cannot find anything affordable in Andersonville.

October 28 2004

I'd say that point is in the rear view mirror.

October 28 2004


My parents keep encouraging me to buy my own place, but there's nothing in the DC area that I can afford that wouldn't be a big step down in size and proximity-to-work from my current arrangement in Anneke and Allen's basement.

October 29 2004

We would miss you, Reed!

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