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Thursday · October 28 2004

2004's scariest Halloween costumes
What are you dressed up as, little girl? I'm a grieving Nancy Reagan.

For the truly cynical parent.

Archived: Political » October 2004
What you had to say:
October 29 2004

I'm disappointed that this link garnered NO reaction from anyone.

November 01 2004

I just saw this link today. Funny; though the Abu Graib ones were a bit too disturbing for my tastes.

I was at a Halloween party this weekend where some guy actually did the Abu Graib prisoner. What a dumbass. Sure, it's funny to joke about when you're having a beer with friends behind closed doors, but to actually put together the costume and wear it publicly is a different story entirely. That he even thought that it would be funny is more proof to me that the news these days is regarded more as entertainment (in that German "shadenfraude" sense) than a reality-based depiction of the world.

My favorite was Jenna Bush's liver though.

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