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Friday · October 22 2004

Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) unaware of Iraq soldiers who refused fuel delivery order

When reporters told him that the unit's refusal was a national news story and involved a soldier from Louisville, Bunning said, “Let me explain something: I don't watch the national news, and I don't read the paper. I haven't done that for the last six weeks. I watch Fox News to get my information.”

Told that Fox News broadcast the report, Bunning said, “Not the times I watched it. So the fact that somebody was from Louisville, I know about that.”

It's nap time, Mr. Bunning. You'll feel much better if you rest from all that hard Senate and campaign work.

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October 22 2004

This is the most depressing poll result I've ever seen.

October 22 2004

Perfectly stated therein:

"The roots of the Bush supporters' resistance to information," according to Steven Kull, "very likely lie in the traumatic experience of 9/11 and equally in the near pitch-perfect leadership that President Bush showed in its immediate wake. This appears to have created a powerful bond between Bush and his supporters--and an idealized image of the President that makes it difficult for his supporters to imagine that he could have made incorrect judgments before the war, that world public opinion could be critical of his policies or that the President could hold foreign policy positions that are at odds with his supporters."

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