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Thursday · October 21 2004

Red Sox complete the comeback, becoming the first team in history to win a playoff series after starting 0-3.
Once again, I was wrong. The Yankees had no advantage in starting pitching. Derek Lowe was brilliant and the Sox beat up on Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez. When Johnny Damon, he of the flowing brown mane, crushed an inside pitch for a grand slam in the second, I knew it was over.

Lingering questions:

  1. Why did manager Terry Francona put in Pedro Martinez in the 7th inning when the game was well in hand? It got the crowd back into it as Matsui and Williams hit back-to-back doubles and Martinez didn't look that sharp. 55,000 people screaming “Who's Your Daddy?” could do that. I thought we were going to have another Grady Little situation on our hands.
  2. I know Steinbrenner likes his players clean-cut. Do the Red Sox players have bad hair just to be contrarian? Damon's mane, Pedro's jerri fro, Manny's dreds, Millar's I don't know what the hell, and Mueller's fu-man-chu. There's more, but that's a good list of ugly.
  3. Was that the last time we'll see Joe Torre in a Yankee's uniform? I say yes. But that means the answer is probably no.
  4. Will Boston fans start chanting “Who's Your Papi?” when David Ortiz steps to the plate against the Yankees at Fenway next year?
  5. Who is prettier? Jeter or A-Rod?

I haven't written about the Cardinals-Astros as much as the AL series, but it's just as good. The last 2 games have ended with walk-off home runs; Kent for Houston on Monday and Edmonds for St. Louis in the 12th last night. Roger Clemens will pitch Game 7 (the fourth time he has done so) for the Astros against Jeff Suppan. Dan Miceli gave up the game winner to Jim Edmonds yesterday. Tonight, I think the bat boy has a better chance of getting an inning or two in than Miceli.

Two 7-game League Championship Series two years in a row. I love playoff baseball.

What you had to say:
October 21 2004

I hadn't really been paying attention until I happened to catch the end of Mondays game and then I was hooked! I have to admit that ever since you pointed it out I have been hoping for a Houston/Boston matchup as I can't help but think it will have some mystical connection to the election....
We'll find out tonight!

October 21 2004

Predator isn't happy about the BoSox win.

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